CIO of Singapore Power, Mr Wong Chit Sieng, discusses unified billing

At the SAP for Utilities event in Singapore I had a chat with Mr Wong Chit Sieng, Chief Information Officer of Singapore Power where we discussed his talk at the event.

Here is a transcript of our conversation:

Tom Raftery: Hey everyone, welcome to GreenMonk TV! We are at the SAP for Utilities Event in Singapore and with me I have Chit Sieng from Singapore Power.

Chit, you were talking a little bit about the SAP implementation, but also we want a little bit of a chat about the consolidated billing that you’ve got going. Can you tell us a bit about that first?

Wong Chit Sieng: Okay. In Singapore we are the market support services licensee. What that means is we take care of billing, customer management for the entire electricity market. That also requires us to provide services, not just to the electricity people, but also the gas consumers. On top of that we do provide a service to the water people and the refuse collectors.

Now, as part and parcel of our implementation, we have consolidated all of our billing into the same engine, and therefore, Singaporean customers have only got one bill to take care of.

Tom Raftery: Very nice! And you talked about your rollout of your SAP Solution in your talk this morning; can you tell us a little bit about that again?

Wong Chit Sieng: Now, successful implementation requires us to pay attention to a few things. Essentially, you have to talk about — you have to focus on people, processes, the system itself and more importantly you have to have a framework to manage the entire project.

It all starts with having the right framework, the right governance of the project itself, so as to ensure that you have policies in place to plan, to monitor, and to control the progress of the project.

The other thing that I always focus on is having project sponsorship or ownership; projects in my mind are not ideal projects. You’d have to have it looked upon as a business project; therefore, it will then deliver business value to you.

Tom Raftery: So it’s a business project which happens to have an IT component as opposed to an IT project with a business component.

Wong Chit Sieng: Yes, that’s right! Because IT is supposed to help deliver business benefits; not the other way around.

Tom Raftery: Okay and the ownership you talked about, it’s the organization rolling out the project needs to take responsibility for the outcomes.

Wong Chit Sieng: Yes, that’s right!

Tom Raftery: Okay, any other learnings?

Wong Chit Sieng: More importantly if you are engaging an SI to do a huge project, you’d have to select the right SI and you’d have to look at the SI as a partner to you, not subservient to you, not someone whom you can abdicate everything to, that’s really, really important. Selecting the right SI, knowing what the SI can do, or cannot do, and more importantly, you’d have to make sure that you have a very clear set of deliverables that the SI is supposed to provide.

Tom Raftery: Okay, great! Chit Sieng; that’s been fantastic, thanks for talking to us today.

Wong Chit Sieng: Thank you!

CIO of Singapore Power, Mr Wong Chit Sieng, discusses unified billing