AGL Energy and building Business Intelligence maturity through self service

At the SAP for Utilities event in Singapore I had a brief chat with Mr Cameron Vagg of AGL Energy about the talk he gave there.

Here’s a transcript of our conversation:

Tom Raftery: Hey everyone, welcome to GreenMonk TV! We are at the SAP for Utilities Event in Singapore, and with me I have Cameron Vagg, Cameron is with AGL Energy. Cameron, AGL Energy, who are they?

Cameron Vagg: We’re a large Australian Energy Company; we’re a retailer and a generator of electricity and gas, but not a distributor.

Tom Raftery: Okay! Now you’ve given us an interesting talk at the event, can you talk and just give a synopsis of that?

Cameron Vagg: Sure. I gave a talk about Building BI Maturity Through Self-Service

Tom Raftery: BI?

Cameron Vagg: Self-Service BI.

Tom Raftery: Sorry, BI is?

Cameron Vagg: Sorry, Business Intelligence Maturity for Self Service and Business Objects. Essentially, we’re trying to nail down that, we think that organizations can improve their business intelligence by conducting a simple self assessment that looks at their operating model the way that they are servicing the needs of their organization and their customers through business intelligence.

What their business intelligence culture is like, and what their business intelligence capabilities are like. And in conducting that self-assessment where you’ve made some changes and I go through those and talk about what we did and how we did, and the benefits that we are seeing in terms of terms of improved capacity, speed and breadth of business intelligence.

Tom Raftery: Okay! Can you just talk me through some of the potential use cases for that?

Cameron Vagg: Yes, particular interesting sort of area that we have in Australia right now is that we’re starting to see Smart Meter rollouts, so we have about 350,000 Smart Meter customers, with 48 meter reads a day. So that presents with a data challenge and a data opportunity for us to get inside into that data.

Tom Raftery: Okay, perfect! Cameron, that’s been great! Thanks again for talking to us.

Cameron Vagg: Great! Thanks Tom, bye!

AGL Energy and building Business Intelligence maturity through self service